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Recover data deleted in error from your hard drive or USB memory


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Wise Data Recovery is a free program designed to help you recover files that you may have accidentally deleted, or that disappeared mysteriously from your hard drive or USB memory. It doesn't matter what you've lost - photographs, text documents, or emails that have been 'permanently' erased and marked as empty space by your operating system are all eligible for recovery with this program.

This tool is very easy to use, you can find a list of all the files you thought you'd lost with just a click. The list includes information about the deleted files' status, letting you know if each one is recoverable, or lost forever.

Wise Data Recovery searches and recovers lost information quickly, precisely, and securely, no matter what kind of drive it's accessing. Thanks to this program, you'll be able to find your files, whether they be in a hard drive, USB, camera memory card, or other extractable device.

Once you've seen the list, you can use a file search to filter the results by extension: images, documents, audio, video, compressed files, or email. And, if you remember the name of a given file, you can search by that as well.

There's no longer any reason to get scared when you can't find a file, or empty the recycling bin 'by accident'.